So far today I have shopped for groceries, cleaned the refrigerator, mulched the strawberry bed, gathered the pruning branches from the apple, cherry and nectarine trees, wiped down the mirrors, vacuumed the downstairs and put away laundry.


And laid out the quilt top…

Now I need to vacuum the upstairs and plant the peas, then I can stitch a bit more.

7 thoughts on “Layout

  1. Perhaps you would like to drop by and use some of your energy here? It is raining out, so you could focus cleaning house – LOL! I’ll square up your triangles in exchange.

  2. Oh to be young again. I did 3 loads of laundry and I am wiped out. Glad you can do your garden. We are under 1,000 feet of snow, no not really. We still have about 3 feet still in our garden. Can’t wait till I can plant peas and the rest.

  3. I love these days we can make a list and get it all done.
    I really like that feeling at the end of the day. Tomorrow you can enjoy Sunday.

  4. What….you didn’t change the oil on the car yet? Lol. My husband’s sense of humor… You’re like my husband (I call him my Energizer Bunny ). 🙂

  5. I am worn out reading your list! OM Gosh! You have lots of get up and go, but alas mine got up and left years ago! I love the quilt lay out and its bright pure colors. Adorable!

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