The Rest Of The Story

The vacuuming got done.  The dinner got done.  A little more yard work got done.



The top got done.

YAY!  Happy National Quilting Day!

ps–Miss Jenna’s quilt languishes.  Maybe I will get it basted tomorrow, but I really can’t feel bad about today with all that did get done.

11 thoughts on “The Rest Of The Story

  1. It sounds like it was a “get it all done” kind of a day…..🤗 I like how the background fabric is in contrast to the triangles: circles to the solids… good choice

  2. Oh I wish I had your energy. I take vitamins and such but my energy level from 1-10 is at a minus 2. Of course we are still buried in snow. I’m talking 4 foot high. Spring is coming I’m told. The robins have been here for a few weeks but it’s still not warm here. it was 3 degrees when we got up yesterday. It did get up to 23. Oh well time will bring spring I’m told.

  3. I love it, it is crisp and colorful. And again I really love your lay out. I too am amazed at your energy level. What size blocks are you starting out with?, and what are you aiming at for a finished size? I do really enjoy your posts.😄

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