Day Of Service

As part of the celebration of the 175th anniversary of Relief Society, women gathered Saturday morning for a Day of Service.  Projects were intended mostly for the needy in our area including battered womens shelters, homeless shelters, retirement homes, refugee services, military service members, missionaries and others.

Sparkle Jane and I were immediately drawn to the area where baby dolls were being cleaned and given new custom clothing.

In just a few hours we were able to each do a few dolls.

A very successful way to spend a rainy Saturday morning.

7 thoughts on “Day Of Service

  1. None of these poor babies have socks or booties, where the dickens are the knitters when you need them, & armed with yarn too? They do look great, minus those chilly feet. My baby dolls always lost their socks & booties first, anyway. lol

  2. Lovely… we used to do that every year b/4 Christmas. For the Bishops store house. It was so much fun. Great job.

  3. Oh how lovely! It’s great when you can have days like that to just do things for others. I am sure there will be lots of happy little girls when they see the dolls… xx

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