9 thoughts on “Bound To Succeed

  1. It is pouring rain here today. Your photo conjures images of cuddling up under quilts while stitching down the binding and making the most of my Netflix membership. Enjoy!

  2. Wow , you make me stay motivated to stay on track. I have some quilt tops that need to be completed, and you are so in tune with what you need to do.! I love all your posts Even the joyful sabbath . I write them out and set them on the table so we can all enjoy them. ThankYou!

  3. I hate to say it, but I will- I machine sew all the binding. I use the glue bind method (no pins or clips) and sew the binding on the front, turn to the back, glue, stitch from the front, catching the bottom edge of the binding. I figure I sewed everything else by machine and my hand stitching quality is not very good, so the quilt can go through anything when machine stitched.

  4. I’d love to see pictures of the quilting as well if you have a chance to take some more pictures. I got a long arm a little over a year ago . I always enjoy seeing other people’s quilting work.

  5. I.still can’t get over how much you accomplish in such a short time. I really look forward to you’re postings to see your latest project. I even share them with my husband. He’s just as impressed as I am. You’re really a dynamo!

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