Circa 2016 Complete

Circa 2016 came back from the quilter just in time for a weekend of stitching, and it is now complete.

I loved making this quilt, sponsored by Temecula Quilt Company.


The quiltalong was free and the pattern is now available for purchase.


The scrappy binding is a happy finish to a very happy quilt.  It was fun to experiment with a wild mix of mostly bright colors in very small pieces.  Low risk. High return.


The back is a piece I have had for a while.  I don’t remember exactly where it came from, but it might have been on clearance at Joanns.  I usually support my local small shop, and for a long time I was concerned about the quality of the fabrics at Joanns.  But they do have some nicer stuff, and I do occasionally purchase fabric there now.


Finishing a quilt is so satisfying.  This one doesn’t have a home yet.  I will enjoy looking at it until its purpose and owner are found.


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