23 thoughts on “Opinion Wanted

  1. I like the contrast with the black, red and white. Because there is a lot of white, I am wondering what will surround the block? If it’s something darker, this block should be fine!

    1. I absolutely love the bright colors. I am not a fan of muted colors. I think that this will look great in your current project!
      The quilt that you just finished with the green and purple….never would have picked those colors but am now looking for those colors since they look awesome when together!!!
      GO FOR IT and let us see what it all looks like!!!

  2. I also like the colour choices. The red centre gives it oomph! But as the previous person said there needs to be a colour to show off the whole block.

  3. If this is to be an alternate block in a sampler quilt, will the adjacent blocks all be different? The continual design all over the quilt might be broken up if other sampler blocks are next to it, above and below?

  4. I’m not sure. The black is too stark for me against the white. But it all depends on the other blocks also. I agree with the other girls though. It all depends on what you put with it and the binding that will frame it.

  5. I love it! The little square in a square is one of my favorite blocks and the black and white will make a pretty chain across the quilt when set with sampler blocks.

  6. It will be perfect with any design. I’ve used something similar with a plain square in the middle, and the diagonal chains this kind of block makes are very attractive and unifying.

  7. The black, white and red are extremely stark. If that is the look you are going for, use the block. If you want a more blended look, try softer colors. It is YOUR quilt!

  8. Hi,

    I like it. Are you going to vary the corner stones and center block to go with the other blocks near it when you sew? Or, use the same centers and corner stones to give it an Irish chain effect to tie the quilt together?

    Either way I think it will look good. Did you do real scrappy on “the Splendid Blocks”? I think you will need to do at least a dozen blocks each of the two ways and see which way is pleasing to you.


  9. It has an Irish Chain effect. I am not sure what the Splendid Blocks look like, so not sure if they will go well next to it. But it looks like a lot of things will blend with it.

  10. I like it , after reading the comments I agree that having enough to lay out with a few of the blocks would help. Perhaps variety in the center tiny square that picks up the other block colors…

  11. I like the pattern.. If you are going with the black and white theme ok.. personally myself I’d go with the pattern w/ different colors…

  12. I like the simplicity of the fabrics & the arrangement of each piece. Are all the blocks going to be the same color as this one, or are you just keeping the 2 color arrangement but may 2 different colors for the blocks. Either way, I think it will work for you. Guess you’ll just have to make up & few & do the old audition number to see which one rocks your world. lol But I really like this one, I also like the way the patterns are both small & similar. Reminds me of the kind of blocks you find in old quilts made from feed sacks. I remember having my first flared skirt, that needed a crinoline under it. My Aunt Maude made it for me & I think it was from feed sacks. She could sew anything together, that woman. She used a sheet of newspaper & measured me from waist to knee & a couple of days later I was wearing the most beautiful piece of clothing I owned at the time. Loved that skirt. Good luck & good sewing.

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    On Mon, Apr 10, 2017 at 4:58 AM, Wedding Dress Blue wrote:

    > weddingdressblue posted: “What do you think? It is a block design I am > trying out as alternating blocks for my Splendid Sampler blocks. It can > easily be sized for 6″, 8″ or 12″ finishes. I am liking it, but am > interested in your opinion and suggestions.” >

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