The Alterations Shop Is Open

Daughter, Sparkle Jane, enjoys participating in school theater.  This year she is in the Music Man at her high school. It is all very exciting as the preparations are finalized for opening night next Friday. One of the biggest challenges each year has been costuming–small school, small budget, limited help, etc.


So, I offered to come today (Saturday) and be the alterations shop.


Twenty costumes and five hours later, they are ready to go.  Most of it was nothing big–tighten this button, add a hook-and-eye, take in this waistline, raise this neckline, etc.


I wish I had more pictures, but I was busy!

4 thoughts on “The Alterations Shop Is Open

  1. You are always so helpful to them. They are going to miss you when your sparkly miss graduates. Break a leg, Missy SJ!

  2. How I remember the Music Man when my youngest was a senior (she is now 51). She was Marion the Librarian and I had so much fun helping get all of her costumes together and helping the other girls, too. Since she had a slight sniffle, I made her a small lacy bag with a drawstring closer so she could just put her hand through the loops when on stage and it wouldn’t hinder her hand movements. She kept kleenex, lip gloss and I don’t know what else in it, but she made it work. Not only does helping the performers make memories for you, but for them, too. Enjoy! ps: I really enjoy the patterns you share and I’ve made a few of them. Thank you!

  3. Thank God they had you to help them — what a talent you possess, and such a great way to use it. I’m not sure I would have known where to start, it’s been so long since I sewed clothing. I hope the musical goes wonderfully for them!

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