Quilt Show Report

It was a lovely day!  So many quilts; so little time.

Following are a few highlight pictures of the approximately 500 quilts hung.  Our brains could only take so much.


But, perhaps the best part was meeting a new organization:  Sew Much Hope (www.sewmuchhope.org)


They re-fit old, sturdy machines to be hand-crank or treadle and donate them to people in parts of the world with no or limited electrical service.  How much do we love our machines?  How hard would life be without them?  Check out the good work they do.


This is Sparkle Jane talking things over with Mr. Rich, who founded the project.


One final quilt.  It might not look like anything too special…


Until you realize the scale–see Sparkle’s hand in the picture.  Yep, the pieces really are that small!

Quilt shows!  So much fun!

12 thoughts on “Quilt Show Report

  1. Beautiful quilts. So neat to hear about Sew Much Hope; what a wonderful thing to do! That little quilt — I think I have a pattern like that. Pretty sure I looked at it and hid it somewhere. Haha. Maybe I should find it and give it a try. I do love a challenge . . .

  2. What fun! It is always fun to see what other people are doing; it sets forth so many possibilities, and gets the creative juices flowing. Thanks for sharing. And it is good to hear what “Sew Much Hope is Doing”

  3. Oh, I meant to add that I really enjoy your posts, and your quilts. I am always so pleased when I see that you have posted; it is the first email that I open. You bless many 🙂

  4. Lovely quilts. My favorite is the one with Sparkle Jane’s hand . It is amazing and so tiny. Wow to whom ever made it.

  5. Thank you for sharing! Awesome projects. Would anyone have a contact for the gentleman that refurbishes machines to donate to the underserved areas? I have a couple and this is such a fabulous opportunity I had never heard of! Many thanks and great work…Love your posts!!

  6. Thank you! I wondered how the day was and would have nagged you today. LOL Beautiful quilts, and what a wonderful project!

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