More Hugs

This is another Hundred Hugs quilt for another teaching colleague.  How nice of them to keep having babies so I have excuses to keep making quilts.


Blue and green dominate with a little yellow for brightness and a little grey to make it more ocean-y.


And there are turtles on the back.  You can’t go wrong with turtles.


Finishes, even small finishes, feel good.

8 thoughts on “More Hugs

  1. I presume it is a boy? Either way I like it , it’s blue my favorite color. I like the idea of using scraps or pieces of the front for the backing. You have given me an idea. Thanks

  2. Love it!. Gee, I don’t think you have made anything I do not like! Love the comment about them having babies. I recently told my granddaughter I was blessed to have an older male dog who was worried enough about me getting in enough exercise he purposefully misses the pee pad so I have a reason to bend or kneel repeatedly.

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