12 thoughts on “One Hundred Sixty Eight

  1. I can’t imagine that it won’t! What will be your new leader-ender as you put all these together? =)

  2. Those blocks are great! I bet they’ll make an awesome quilt! I, too, am working on 16-patches for my leader-ended project, but mine are entirely, randomly scrappy. Yours will be a lot nicer! I will have to dash mine or alternate plain blocks or it will just look like a bunch of squares! It’s my first leader-ended project, so I didn’t think it through, was just happy to have one!

  3. Okay. Now I’m motivated to start doing useful enders/leaders, instead of the multiply-used waste scrap way I’ve been doing for decades!
    I’ve wanted to do a Postage Stamp quilt nearly as long, with 1″ finished blocks. Now I know how I’m going to do those thousands of little things.
    Thank you for sharing and inspiring!

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