Oberon’s Crown

As some already know, Sparkle Jane (daughter) dances ballet.  Each spring her company puts on a large show.  In the past I have helped with costumes in a variety of ways, but my specialty is headpieces.

Ballet headpieces are a tricky thing:  they have to look good; they can’t be heavy; they have to stay on…you get the idea.

This year they are performing Midsummer’s Night’s Dream.  Oberon, the fairy king, needs a crown.  But he is a FAIRY king, so it can’t be just any crown.

DSC00431The creative process is cluttered and a little messy looking… (don’t you love my salad bowl doubling as a form foundation)


Give me enough lace, spray paint and hot glue and I am bound to create something.


It has elastic built in the back to help the fit.


Hopefully it will hold up to the dancing also.

Yay for another finished product.  Now I can mostly rest easy until the performance. Unless something else comes up. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Oberon’s Crown

  1. I was the head costume director at a very large church in Florida. Trinity Baptist Church. With over 6,000 members strong. I had over 200 cast and crew to make costumes for.
    I have made many crowns in my life time. And still do for the church we go to here in Maine. 1200 members so far. we put on 2 productions a year. Christmas and Easter. We also have a cast and crew of over 200. One thing I know is how to make costumes.
    I have to tell you that this Fairy crown is super. You did a fantastic job. Colors are great, construction is well done. It should hold up nicely. Make sure it is attached very well so with the movement it will not tilt or come off. Great job as always.

  2. A WONDERFUL fairy crown! I only wish I could see the ballet. Thanks for sharing this, and tell SJ to break a leg!

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