9 thoughts on “Experimental Layout

  1. Wow it looks fabulous just the way it is. ! I love your quilts they always come out great. Happy Mother ‘s Day

  2. I like the V-thing going on there. It does look great just as it is. Like the old Cecil B. DeMille films – two years in the making, now the fabulous quilt comes together!

  3. Good stuff! I would probably need to move some of the blocks around too, but it sure is quite an accomplishment! All of the squares are 2 1/2″ originally. Oh me! Oh my – that is quite a bit of time and investment involved! I wish I was as dedicated.

  4. Are you going to be putting borders around the blocks or sashing? I love the vibrant colors, and as always I admire your work and creativity! Also …. Wrong post I know, but the crown that you made for the play really came out nice!

  5. Not to fret dear, you’ll reposition those blocks til they become something gorgeous that makes your heart sing, “Finally!” Can’t wait til the whole thing is just they way it’s meant to be. Keep on quilting, your work is so pretty to look at. Love it.

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