Jeans Quilt–Part 1

For a few years now, I have planned to make jeans quilts for my parent’s grandchildren.  For many years my mother saved my father’s old work jeans and has passed them down to me.


This is finally the year!  Here is the first top (of at least six planned).


The pattern is in the book “All About Strips” by Susan Guzman.  There are a few patterns in the book particularly suited to jeans quilts, as the sashing avoids the bulky, heavy seams that result when multiple pieces of denim meet.


I plan to make at least four of the quilts using this pattern (for my brother’s children).  It will take a while, but I’ve got time.  Hopefully they can be finished in time for our traditional Thanksgiving get together this year.

13 thoughts on “Jeans Quilt–Part 1

  1. Isn’t that funny… I’ve never thought of using something for some sort of sashing when making a jean’s quilt… I always seem to just use jean’s. Which, can get bulky as you mentioned. May I ask what type of fabric you used for the sashing?

  2. I’m not a fan of jean quilts. To me they are heavy. But I do like the pattern you have chosen. I to have a lot of jeans left. Maybe I’ll do a throw for my hubby at camp. HMM?

  3. That’s a great pattern for jeans, and a great one for a boy. Are all of them going to be this same pattern? I have a closet full of jeans left over from Stacey’s 4 quilts. I have plans, but haven’t gotten any farther than that. We’ll see what happens!

  4. I too would like to know what kind of fabric you used for the sashing. I’ve got a stash of jeans and would love to use this idea.

  5. Have you entertained the thought of cutting out a square with a pocket in on it for the front of the quilt. Perhaps you could make a faux handkerchief with the history of the jeans on it that is hidden in the pocket?

  6. Great pattern for reducing the bulk of all that denim and I love the blue-brown combination. I’ve got quite a stack of wrangler denim waiting to become quilts, but your stack is even bigger if you’re making 6 quilts! Lucky family!

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