Jeans Quilts: Parts 2 and 3

My brother is the husband of one amazing woman and the father of three boys and 1 girl. In that order.


The three boys are all getting quilts from the Treble and Bass pattern from “All About Strips” by Susan Guzman.  Here is number 2.


The girl is getting a denim quilt, too, but using a different design.  I haven’t decided if I love it or not, but I think quilting will help give it more life.  It will be done with purple thread in an all over flower motif that matches the yellow and purple flannel back.

Fabric is pulled for number 4.

Getting there.


4 thoughts on “Jeans Quilts: Parts 2 and 3

  1. I like the colors of both quilts, but that red/blue combo really pops! My mom made us a denim quilt using a lightweight polarfleece to sash the blocks, then tied it. It is still one of our favorite cuddle quilts and has survived many years of cuddling under!

  2. You must be sewing your little heart out during all your spare time! These look great, and so will the girl’s quilt. You don’t really have to love it, but she will. Flowers and purple, what’s for a girl not to like? =)

  3. Love all 3 of the jeans quilts. may I ask what type of material did you use for the sashing? Now I wish I would have hung on to all my old jeans.

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