Paying Attention To Details

People often remark that quilters are really detail oriented:  just the RIGHT shade of blue, just the PERFECT polka dot print, an EXACT 1/4″ seam allowance…

Well, maybe we pay attention to those kinds of details, but not all of us (talking about ME here) pay attention to all details.

Yesterday (Monday) I was all over town running errands and helping Sparkle Jane (daughter) get her passport taken care of.

About 2pm I felt a something in my left shoe and stopped to fix it.


Yep, at that point, standing there and looking at my feet, I discovered that I had on two different shoes.  And had been wearing them all day.  Wow!

21 thoughts on “Paying Attention To Details

  1. Good thing you didn’t stop at a quilt shop….many years ago when my son was 2, he wanted to wear 2 different shoes one day. Like yours, they were both white tennis shoes, but not a pair. I stopped at my favorite quilt shop and one of the customers pointed out to me that he was not wearing a pair of shoes. I replied that I was happy that he was willing to wear shoes on his feet while we were out. After she left, the employees made a point to tell me that learning to choose my battles was an important part of parenting!

  2. I was pumping gas one day after shopping and running all over town. As I pumped I looked at the lady at the pump across from me and noticed she had on different shoes. About the same time she looked over at me and, laughing, she said “Do you realize you have on two different shoes?” I was laughing so hard and said to her, “So do you!” I would like to say that probably will never happen again, but you never know.

  3. You girls are funny. Oh I would NEVER do such a silly thing with my shoes. Nope not me. I do it with slippers. I’ve walked out of my house more times then I can count not only with slippers but with my jammies still on. Ya, I’m absent minded. Thank goodness we live in a small town and they all know me well enough to take me as I come. They just smile and sometimes giggle, but that’s ok. After all I am almost 75 and can do what I please now, well to an extent.

  4. I once went to work with my dress on backwards…only to discover it many hours later… My son was only 3 at the time so I couldn’t claim a senior moment. Lol

  5. I’ve done the slippers thing before & only went to one store, I figured I’d go home & do the rest of the errands the next day. lol we’ve all had our moments to giggle about. Keeps life interesting though & keeps us humble.

  6. I can top that! One Sat. we had gone to DH’s barber appt. and DH made the comment that something was amiss with his shoes…he had put two shoes of similar style on….both were of the left feet variety! LOL

  7. I once went to school in my slippers – in High School! I usually caught the bus, and had to walk to the bus stop, but that morning my dad offered to give me a ride, and I just walked out and got in his car. It wasn’t until I got out of his car at school, in the snow, that I discovered I was still wearing my slippers! I had to wear them all day, and on the way home on the bus!
    And, actually, I’m not all that accurate with regard to all my quilting. If I cut of corners or seams don’t meet, I don’t care. I try to make it as accurate and correct as possible, but I don’t sweat the details, and don’t worry a whole lot about making sure everything is absolutely correct.

  8. But, hey, you had on two shoes and one was right and one was left. Pragmatically speaking, you were in good shape. =)

  9. Been there, done that. I went to work one day wearing one blue and one black shoes and they were even different height of heels. I thought something was wrong with my hip lol.

  10. Oh me, oh my! I have done the same thing! My granddaughter came to visit me at the bookstore I was managing. It was almost the end of the day and the first thing out of her mouth was “Nana! Your shoes don’t match!” I told her it was a heck of a thing to notice since I had them on all day, and neither I nor anyone else had realized it until she arrived.
    My sympathy to the woman who wrote she had gone out in her pajamas. I almost topped that one. Running late for work one day I was hurrying out the front door while throwing on my coat. Only when the cold wind hit my chest and stomach did I realize I did not have on a blouse – only my bra! I still remember feeling so relieved, (yes relieved!) because the neighbors in the house across from mine left for work much earlier than I. Needless to say I was a bit late for work, but fully attired when I finally did arrive. Just think of all the funny stories we will be able to tell our grandchildren. 🙂

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