Another Baby. Another Quilt.

Yes, there are a lot of new babies around here.  This is just a quick little thing I threw together…


Now that I am looking, it is similar to this Moda Bake Shop tutorial:  It is smaller and fitted to my taste (more color and less white, and the frame around the color) and my fabric–in this case, the orange and blue fabrics that came to me as irregularly cut “brick” scraps.


After trimming down to a standard size and finding some additional friends, it seemed to be a quilt.  Ta-dah!  It is a quilt top.


Now I want to make another one.  Heaven knows I’ve got the scraps and someone somewhere is bound to have a baby.

9 thoughts on “Another Baby. Another Quilt.

  1. Wow! This looks super easy, cheerful, and quick. I need a quilt for a baby due in July, and this may be it. It looks like I could make it from 2.5″ strips of which I have a bunch already.

    (I was curious to see the Moda quilt which you said it resembled, but the link leads to a blank page.)

  2. This quilt is adorable. What size strips did you use, and what is the finished size? It is a wonderful quilt that will be loved by a little one. I made 2 of your 100 Hugs designs this spring, and l was very pleased with the results. I appreciate all your great ideas.

  3. It’s a very happy little quilt. Last year, our ward had about 10 babies born. This year, only a couple are due. Surely makes a difference in how many baby quilts are in the works.

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