A Bear And A Buffalo

Husband is a serious Boy Scout.  He participated in Scouting as a young man and has for as long as we’ve been married as a leader.  Now he also aids in training other leaders in this worthy cause.

Last week and this week–Wednesday through Saturday–he has been at an adult leader training course known as Woodbadge.  Husband is quite the cook and was tapped as the chef for the event.  Cooking three meals a day (plus suitable snacks) for a group of 60 might worry some people, but not Husband.  He takes these things in stride and even enjoys it.

At Woodbadge, as at many Scouting functions, the large group is divided into smaller groups known as Patrols.  Each Patrol has a name, usually an animal.  The Patrol one belongs to is a matter of great pride, and occasional jokes.  Husband has two assistants this time, one a member of the Bear Patrol and one of the Buffalo Patrol.


As they are chefs, they need hats.  As they are Scouters, they have a Patrol.  Why not combine them?!

And that is why I spent Wednesday morning making chef hats with ears and horns.

ps–In case you are wondering, Husband is a beaver.  And he has a hat. And it has a tail.

pps–And here is the link to the tutorial (minus the animal additions) that I used: https://www.michaelmillerfabrics.com/inspiration/free-sewing-tutorials/chef-s-hat-tutorial.html


9 thoughts on “A Bear And A Buffalo

  1. Lol, I’m sure you have helped out a lot as far as them not having a lack of topics of conversation . Hope…. he isn’t the butt of any jokes.

  2. Love your customized chef hats! Reading your story brought back good memories of Girl Scout summer camp and the cute names the staff had (Blue Jay, Ziggy, Cookie, Froggy, etc.).

  3. My husband is also a beaver and just finished a WoodBadge course last week. Where did you get the pattern for the chef hat? I have been looking for one for a while.

  4. LOL…you are a good wife! I just cooked for a crew of 7 cowboys for 4 days. Will have 12 for 2 days next week. I am pooped. If I had to feed 60, I would need a bigger kitchen and a few sous chefs…and a cool hat!

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