5 thoughts on “Quilty Thoughts

  1. May I add this to my Facebook page? Between sewing clothes and quilting, I will never quit using my sewing machines.

    Loisjean Radomski

  2. Oh you are so right! I am sewing in the morning before every one gets up at my home and every time in between !

  3. I just want to see your quilts & read your comments, the joyful sabbath’s & quilty thoughts emails are a bit much. I get so many emails, that take up a lot of time to get through. I am a Christian & a quilter, but on email, I’d rather not get the extra stuff. Hope I didn’t offend you, but please count me out on those extra’s. I am a full time Bible College student right now, so time is a bit tight having to try to keep my inbox manageable. Thanks for the consideration, but I am just pressed for time these days.

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