Sampler Assembled

The sort-of-Splendid Sampler is assembled.


Fifty pieced blocks–2 each of 25 different designs–and 49 alternating blocks.


How can I choose a favorite?


Right now it is 54″ x 66″, but all of your input on borders has been very helpful and that is next.  Hopefully a finished top some time next week.


17 thoughts on “Sampler Assembled

    1. OH LOVE IT, LOVE IT,! Like the pastel shades and the Irish chain sets it all off. Will you make this a pattern?

  1. What an awesome setting for you sampler blocks! I toyed with this idea for my 6″ Chuck Nohara blocks! No I want to make another one! Beautiful finish !

  2. Gorgeous, stunning quilt top! Though whatever possessed you to make 6″ blocks is totally waaaayyyyyy beyond me!! I do tend strongly to avoid the oversized blocks so popular right now, but myself, I’d’ve absolutely been looking at least at 8 inches for those blocks.

    My goodness it’s dauntingly beautiful.
    Yes I do love and admire historic quilts with 6″ and even smaller blocks, and then I shake my head… Cuz I also make almost no quilts smaller than a 90″ x 90″ Queen. (Other than baby quilts, & even them I tend closer to 48″ x 48″.)

    Even for older kids I make 90″ x 90″ ones — when they grow older it’ll still be usable for their adult beds.

    And that be a lot of 6″ blocks for that size!

    So I’m incredibly impressed and in love with your top…
    (At the same time my brain is off doing its automatic thing of figuring how many 8″ blocks of each, plus small framing border(s), would be needed for that to become closer to a square queen, lol.)

    Thank you muchly for showing your beautiful chained-sampler quilt top!! I admire it/you beyond words.

  3. Those dark squares pull all the disparate blocks together and the pastels keep them all related. I can’t imagine how much work it all was. A border is going to be a hard choice. Pat Speth has a whole book on pieced borders that might be a help if you know someone with a copy.

  4. This really came out nice. Love it. You’re so talented & industrious, I envy your energy & dedication to the craft. I have trouble making time to sew, with church, school, family, household, shopping, heck I do good getting more than a couple of showers a week. lol

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