Cutting Up A Storm

Husband recently decided that our bedroom needed redecorating…weird, huh?!  He might tell the story differently, but if someone says that the curtains and the rug both need to change, that sounds like a redecorating request to me.

So together we picked out new throw rugs (hardwood floors) and curtains and rods.  It is a significant color scheme change and that requires new winter bedding (we use a white cotton spread in the summer) and, of course, a new throw-cuddle quilt.

For the first time ever, Husband and I have collaborated on a quilt design and I am cutting up a storm.  It will be a simple double four patch, and even large-ish pieces (2-1/2″ squares and 4-1/2″ squares), but it still means a lot of cutting.

I am trying to have the top finished by the beginning of next week.  And I am not yet done cutting…sometimes I can’t tell if I am an optimist, or just crazy.

8 thoughts on “Cutting Up A Storm

  1. A little of column A, a little of column B? LOL That looks like a bright plan you have there. Still all scraps you have on hand? Have you laid them out the way they are going into 4-patches? This should be interesting! Yes, definitely a redecorating request!

  2. I opt for crazy 😜. You have to be a little nuts to love something so much you lose sleep, skip meals and sometimes miss out on life things. Keep up the good work and cut on. Lol!

  3. It summer, so be crazy! Is someone else making all the meals, gardening, cleaning etc? Love a colourful quilt!

  4. Love the whole post, how wonderful your husband wanted to redo your bedroom, that says a lot in my experience!! If you are nuts, then most quilters are, many people cannot understand buying fabric and then cutting it up into little pieces to sew it back together, I have a quilt shop, I have heard this several times from spouses but they have come with their loves to at least support their creativity!!! Happy Sewing from Iowa

  5. My dear girl, you need an Accuquilt cutter! It is going to be beautiful and you are going to be cutting and sewing squares in your sleep, that is provided you sleep. Can’t wait to see it.

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