It’s Raining, And I’m Sewing Up A Storm

Cutting on my bedroom quilt (known as O-Kaffe) is complete and sewing is in full swing.


I spent a lot of time yesterday sewing blocks and starting a layout.  About 2/3 of the 72 blocks are finished.


We are being blessed with an early morning storm (YAY for rain!), and I am about to go sew some more.

6 thoughts on “It’s Raining, And I’m Sewing Up A Storm

  1. Can’t wait to see the quilt! We are having rain here too this morning; I was hoping to snap some pictures for my post, but it’s too dark. Oh well, I guess sewing will have to do!

  2. It’ raining; it’s pouring- the sewing machine is roaring! Sorry, couldn’t help my self! When it is pouring out I head for my machine also; blessed old friend! And sneak in a little needed house work also. Most of the rest of the time; it is gardening and outside work. Summers are so short up here on the NY/Canadian border that you squeeze every last minute outside. Happy sewing!!!!

  3. Wish I had a storm, any time of day. After almost drowning in May and June, July has only humidity! I don’t like Kaffe fabrics, but if one is going to use them, this is definitely a good pattern, and it sounds like it is going fast!

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