Why Kaffe?

I have never sewn with Kaffe before.  Those who read my blog often are possibly wondering what happened.

Well, remember that we are redecorating.

Husband picked out throw rugs, curtains and a duvet set for winter.  This is not a picture of the actual rugs, but a similar one–ours have a strong chevron pattern, but close to the same color scheme.  “I like color,” he said.  Who knew?  After all, I have only been married to the man for 22 years.

My mother believes that my quilting has had an influence on him and slowly but surely drawn/pushed/led him in this direction.

Anyway, with all that luscious color, Kaffe fabric seemed appropriate, with some solids and white to give stability and organization.  All of this was scraps gradually accumulated from gifted bags over the years. I had sorted them with the vague idea of doing something someday.


All blocks are complete–assembly follows.  And border decisions.

ps–The tutorial for the Irish Star blocks will be posted early next week.  This Kaffe quilt (known as O-Kaffe) has distracted me from verifying the measurements on the different size blocks.  I will have them done soon.  Promise.


15 thoughts on “Why Kaffe?

  1. Woah….colourful. Kaffe does have a colourful palate! I just bought his Italy book and am making the Cassetta quilt… its all stripes and colourful. Good thing the lights go off at night so the colour will be subdued😎. Happy despising making.

  2. Love all the bright colors. Had a friend who started to call me wild one when I switched from Thimble Berries fabric to all the bright colors available.

  3. This is going to be a fabulous quilt when it is finished. The white is definitely needed to give the eye some rest.

  4. Love that rug and good to know they are not your curtains – having uneven patterns would drive me crazy 🙂

  5. Really nice, love the colors. So Hubby has finally joined the color addiction crowd. lol Congrats on the blocks all being finished, eagerly await the assembly/finished top.

  6. Beautiful! That design would also be a great “Leaders and Enders” project. Thank you for all that you share.

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