Jolly Times

In between everything else, my Jolly Christmas quilt has been progressing.


All the blocks are complete and sashing is next.

Then borders. Five of them.  I think.

Have you noticed that lately I am building quilts with alternating blocks and multiple borders?  Hmm…another stage in the evolution of this quilter.

10 thoughts on “Jolly Times

  1. Oh my gosh. I’m in love. Will you share the pattern with us? Please 😍, I’m in tears 😭. I am so in love with this. My heart is pounding. Phew,Wow. Never has a quilt done this to me.

  2. Sometimes, one must add extra borders to achieve the size you want for a bed, or whatever. So glad I figured that out early on in my meager efforts at quilting. Can’t wait til I get through this online class I am taking, so I can get some sewing time in. I refused to even pull out the sewing machine, til this class is finished. All though that hasn’t stopped my accumulating more fabric that thrills my senses & spurs my imagination, as I long to get back to creating quilts.

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