Irish Stars QuiltAlong: QUESTION

When do you buy your backing fabric?

Sometimes my answer is:  “First.”  I will find a fabric and design a quilt around it.

Often, particularly with larger quilts, the answer is:  “Last.”  Usually this happens when I take a complete quilt top shopping with me.

This time, though, the answer is:  “When the perfect thing comes along.”  Over the weekend I innocently wandered into my local quilt shop to get some fabric to sash the Christmas quilt (with all the fabric I have it is still possible not to have the right one) and this fabric jumped out of the clearance section and begged me to take it home.


So I did.

It is beautiful and perfect and waiting for me to get the Irish Stars quilt finished.  It will have a long wait.  Probably a year.

How are your chain blocks coming?  I really will have the star block tutorial posted soon.  Several things have come up and I am verifying measurements for the different base size blocks.  I’d really like to get it right the first time. Thanks for being patient.


6 thoughts on “Irish Stars QuiltAlong: QUESTION

  1. I usually wait until last, because I like to look at the finished top and then consider what I might want to use for the back. However, I just finished a quilt with a pre-cut jelly roll and I can no longer find enough of the fabric for the back. That is the drawback to waiting, if you like to keep things in the same fabric line. Sometimes a backing fabric will just call to me when I’m in a fabric store too, even if I’m not done with the quilt. I usually snap it up, having learned that if I don’t, I regret it.

  2. I usually take the top along with me too! Sometimes I go with one backing but before I get to do anything I sometimes find a better one. Hey ho, I have a spare backing! Just recently my “local” (it’s a fair drive) had a clearance sale and I ended up buying lots of butterfly fabric for £6.00 per metre – usually around the £13.00 range. I just need to do a quilt which has butterflies on the front now!
    My Calico Quilt is coming along nicely, but not exactly Speedy Gonzales with it. I have to remember which 2″ square belongs to which quilt – Irish Stars – is it, isn’t it?! LOL! But I am enjoying working with them. I’ve never sewn individual squares before, my first completed quilt was a Trip Around the World and it was done by strip piecing and then slicing. I don’t think any seams matched, but it’s on our bed and husband likes it anyway. I’m also breaking into lots of my scraps which I didn’t realise had added up. Add that to slicing up pieces from my stash and I’m very happy. Er, I have used a fabric dated 2002 on the selvage!

  3. I love when a fabric speaks to me and is on clearance! I often buy backing before I make the quilt. Most often it’s online on clearance, $3-$5/yd. The right quilt/project just seems to come along that the backing will be used. Of course, that doesn’t mean I won’t go out and buy a special one. lol I’m also in awe of how the quilting totally transforms a so-so backing fabric.

  4. I didn’t do a thing with that this week, though I took some squares, thinking I might. It will probably wait until Friday or next week now.

  5. I am behind on my Irish chain. I had cut my finger pretty bad ,of course cutting scraps . So yuk wasn’t able to cut. Good thing though I found out there is gloves to protect yourself. So now I am going to continue on my chain. I am glad there is no race on this . Plus I love your sweet sixteen . And my backing I do last ,just because I can change my idea on my quilt design.

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