Sweet Sixteen: A FAIR Quilt

Sweet Sixteen was completed Sunday night and delivered to the local fair on Monday.


We’ll see how they like it, but I LOVE it regardless.


There are 1344 colored squares and nearly every one is unique.


The quilting is mostly a simple cross hatch pattern, but with some flowers scattered here and there for surprises.


The backing is as happy as the front.


Yes, I love this quilt.  It was my 2016-early 2017 leader-ender.

18 thoughts on “Sweet Sixteen: A FAIR Quilt

  1. I’ve made several 16 patch quilts from leader/enders but they were more scrappy. I’ve got to try using the same coloured scraps. I do like the way the pattern flows through the colours. It gives it a modern touch. Excellent!
    Were these 2 1/2″ squares?

  2. I’m pretty sure the judges are going to love this one…it’s a beauty. I can see why you love it too! Thanks for sharing.

  3. I soooo “”love””” this quilt.  I love the way the colors “”pop”” out and say Hi to me.  The birds are a nice and different touch.Good luck at the fair. Let us know what happens to it, when you can.Denise

  4. That quilt is fantastic! I don’t know how you can work with such small pieces, I think I would lose my mind. Beautiful work. And that backing fabric, with the birds? Astounding. Unexpected. Perfect!

  5. Beautiful! I love the simple quilting, but can’t see the flowers hiding. The backing you chose is perfect. Good luck at the fair and let us know how it does. I entered a quilt recently to be judged in the show at my husbands insistance. I didn’t care what the judges thought, because I LOVED IT. I was really happy the viewer’s loved it too, and voted for it for viewer’s choice. I knew that the viewers “got it” where the judges “didn’t”. So, regardless of the show outcome, you love your quilt and from what I can see in the comments so do the viewers! If I could give you a ribbon, it would be Viewer’s Choice! 🙂

  6. I really like the sweet sixteen. I love scrappy quilts . The one problem I have is How do you do your Leaders and Enders to be able to make the design the way you have it? For some reason I can not mentally set it up. Good luck in the fair

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