FAIR Results

Sweet Sixteen was awarded a blue ribbon at the fair this past week.


I had hoped for that.  It wasn’t the right kind of spectacular for a major prize, but it is its own kind of beautiful.


This is Utah and there are a lot of quilts entered.


These pictures show about 2/3 of the total.  I should have taken another shot to get more of them in.

So nice to know there are many like-minded people out there.

18 thoughts on “FAIR Results

  1. Congratulations! It is such a lovely quilt and surrounded by so many other beautiful ones too. What is wrong tho with the people who arrange the exhibition? Why not hang them “quilt show style”, so they can be fully viewed? I keep seeing fair photos showing folded quilts and it drives me crazy. Saw one bloggers photos where they were all in dry cleaning bags.

    1. Probably a space issue. I almost always see the fairs hung like this, and sometimes you see even less of a quilt than this!

  2. Congratulations! Your quilt looks fabulous hanging with all the others. I love how they are displayed. The quilt exhibits at the fair in my county are hung from the rafters.

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