Two Weeks In

Summer was all about family, rest and quilting for me.  And it was lovely.

But there are times and seasons and it is now easing into fall and school.  We just finished our second week. IMG_2102The first week is all high emotion and nerves and settling in.  You remember how it is… The second week is all about Opening Camp.  If you have been with me for a while you know about this tradition.




We take the entire middle school–grades 6,7, and 8 (about 180 students ages 11-14)–to the woods for school.  The experience starts at school on Wednesday with introductory activities and classes.  After school the 8th graders and some teachers go to the camp site to set up and have a leadership retreat of classes and service to prepare for the younger students the next day.


The younger students and the rest of the teachers get on busses at school and join them Thursday morning.  We are all together for more learning, experiences, fun and games until Friday afternoon when we all return to the school tired, dirty and successful.
IMG_6029Then we all go home with a weekend to recover.

Yes, it is probably crazy, but we have done it for several years and believe it is worth the time, effort, cost and fatigue.

I love my job and am privileged to work with great people and such good students.  It makes it all worthwhile.  I regularly say that, next to being a wife and mother, being a teacher is the best job I have ever had.

6 thoughts on “Two Weeks In

  1. It IS worth the time and effort. We always took our 6th graders for a week-long camp out, when I worked on the res, for a variety of outdoor education experiences, and my wish was that we could have done it in September instead of April! The bonding that took place over KP duty, hiking, journaling, science, math, or whatever we were doing (not to mention occasional hospital visits) was tremendous and I always wished I had that foundation for teaching the year through.

  2. What an amazing idea. As a 6th grader I got to go to forestry camp in the woods of Washington State . We were gone an entire 5 days. Lots of classes on forestry, water conservation, etc. We had a blast! And then a massive report book we had to do on what we learned. I’m over 50 now and still remember it well.

  3. I never knew you were a teacher. I was one for 34 years. Lucky to be an Art teacher…. Any chance on Monday when you are bit recharged you could put the dimensions up for the irish star using 2.5 ” blocks. I have blast through my blue fabrics making the triple irish blocks. and am going to a retreat hoping to start on the stars.

    1. What a wonderful tradition, I am sure it cements relationships among the students. My guess is y’all have very little, if any issues with bullying in your school, at least for all those that got to go through this experience for 3 years. Wow, I am also guessing that very few, if any of these kids drop out of high school. They have learned that, from experience , that school is school & not a thing to take lightly. It will benefit them for their whole lives. WHAT A WONDERFUL BLESSING!

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