Four In A Weekend

I rarely sit down to watch television or even a movie.  So, when the necessity of a lot of sitting and watching comes along, it really helps for me to have something to keep my hands busy and me awake.  Perhaps it is only me, but too often when I sit quietly for any length of time I am fast asleep, but I didn’t want to be.  I wanted to listen (GENERAL CONFERENCE).


So, I prepared and saved quilts to bind.  It is the perfect activity–nearly mindless and allowing me to pay attention.

In a single weekend I was able to bind FOUR quilts–the four denim quilts intended for my brother’s children this Christmas.


They were all quilted by Tara, probably some of the last “simple” quilts that I will send out to be quilted.  She did a great job, as usual.

What a successful weekend!  Full hands and a full heart–here is one favorite thought from the broadcast that stuck with me:

Elder Jose L. Alonso

5 thoughts on “Four In A Weekend

  1. Lovely quilts! I am blown away at the thought of anyone being able to do the hand stitching on the binding of ONE quilt in a weekend, let alone FOUR!!! Was your needle red hot when you were finished?? Smart of you to plan ahead so you could stay awake to listen to the broadcast and be productive at the same time!

  2. Great work, and all ready to move on to the next one. LOL It was a fabulous weekend, and I liked that quote myself. I found fewer snap quotes like that this weekend, and more whole paragraphs that spoke to me. A good weekend, but a hard loss.

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