Pinwheel Construction

So many of you asked after the pattern for the pinwheel quilt.


Just to lead you further into temptation, here is the finished top.  Nine blocks resized to 12″ each.  The original pattern is based on 16″ blocks and can be found HERE:


The resize wasn’t too hard.  Just as a hint, the small squares start out at 2″ each.


I hope you will enjoy making one of your own.  This one should be a finished quilt in a week or so and I’ll share the final product then.

6 thoughts on “Pinwheel Construction

  1. I LUV this quilt but haven’t a clue about how to ‘re-size’ from 16″ to 12″ in the cutting. Any hints could help me & others, too!

  2. I love your quilt- so much cuter than the original. I am going to be a copycat and make some bright charity quilts. I bet the kids will love them- me too!

  3. Dern if it ain’t another fine offering from the very skilled hands of Deanna Treadway! So pretty, may have to breakdown & buy my 1st quilt pattern after seeing this finished top. Really, very striking. Thx for the post. Is this the one you’re in the process of sewing down the binding, hoping to be done by weeks end?

  4. Those little thin pieces of background, makes it look like you sashed the blocks, but it’s only after looking really hard at it, do you realize that’s not sashing , it’s part of each block. So well done. Love it, Barbara

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