Crayola Geese

The Crayola quilt for charity is complete.


It is my fourth attempt at long arm quilting.  And you can tell.  My lines aren’t confident and some of my points are loopy, but practice is the only way to learn.

DSC00744I do like the layout and the challenge of working with the fabric as it came.  The variety of grey background fabric gives it some texture and the pieced border makes me happy, too.


Overall, I call it a success…isn’t that a synonym for a-project-that-I-learned-from-and-is-now-finished?

13 thoughts on “Crayola Geese

  1. Great job with the quilting — it’s hard to believe this is only the 4th quilt you’ve long-armed! I love all the geese. Nice crisp points. Did you paper piece them? Your work always inspires me to try something new.

  2. It looks lovely. Well done with the quilting – no worries with the loops – just tell everyone that it was done on purpose for interest! 😉 I think the quilting is great.

  3. Deanna, your free motion quilting is perfect. I am not a perfectionist when it comes to this skill. I am very pleased with yours, and this quilt is so colorful and really fun

  4. I think the quilting looks great. You could have said, “This is my fourth time longarming. Doesn’t it look fabulous?” and I would have said, yes, definitely! It’s a beautiful quilt. I’d like one just like it. )

  5. It is a beautiful, cheerful colourful quilt which people would be happy to own and your points look great in the photo. If you hadn’t mentioned the faults no one would know to look for them.

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