Show And Tell Time

Seeing quilts makes me happy…that is why I share tutorials and ideas here in the first place.

And many of my readers very kindly share their creations to add to the quilting happiness in the world.

Patricia made this Twinkle Baby quilt for her grandson.


Maryann created a Hundred Patch way back in 2014, but I didn’t post the picture correctly.  Here it is at long last for your viewing pleasure.


Here’s another Hundred Patch, this one created by Karen.  I never get tired of seeing them.

Susan has finished her Desert (Calico) Rose quilt.  Including the binding that never seems to end.  I love it!

Karen made a LARGE (King Size) version of Film at Five.

film at five

Paula has been handing out hugs by the hundreds–TWO Hundred Hugs quilts.  So happy!



Carol made a K-Quilt.  She said she gets lots of compliments on it and I believe her!


Tutorials for all of these quilts can be found in the TUTORIALS tab above.  Have fun!  Keep quilting!  Share more pictures!


11 thoughts on “Show And Tell Time

  1. Well done everyone – they look great. Which has now made me want to do even more although I haven’t finished what I’m doing already! Thank you all for sharing and thank you Deanna for popping them on your blog – and reminding me that there are other delights to learn how to do in the tutorial section!
    Anyway who wants to decorate the house after all (almost done) and who wants to clean up afterwards (hand used paintbrush to husband – he’s got to do something after all!) and who is itching to get back to the sewing? Meeeeeeeeeee! 😉


  2. Paula’s quilts don’t show for me – just the note that there are two jpg files there. The rest of the quilts are wonderful! I love seeing these. You know we could hold a quilt show with only quilts made from your tutorials and it would be huge, right? =) Regan has the Film at ‘leven (five) on his bed, but under another one because of the cats. I have my Desert Rose on the bed, and it’s so nice and warm and big! Thanks for sharing everyone’s quilt pics.

  3. Thanks for sharing my version of your lovely design. I feel so connected to my grandmother when I make scrap quilts. Thank you for that, also.

  4. Thank you so much for the lovely Show and Tell! Your little baby quilts especially inspire me each and every time. I am hoping to make a bigger dent into my fabric scraps in the new year, and love all the cute designs you have that is just right for that.

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