A while back the Special Education Teacher at our school asked for my help on a project.  Some of her students were working on the mathematical principle of “reflection.”

We talked over some possibilities and she settled on an idea.  She had the students design “quilt blocks” on paper, showing reflection in shape, placement and color.

And we are taking it one better–she gave me the paper version and I tried to translate them into real fabric blocks (12″).  They will go back to the students and be made into small pillows for the students to share with their families to show their learning.  Then, of course, take home and enjoy.


Here are two of them–paper version and “translation.”

6 thoughts on “Translation

  1. Wow, very cool…the kids are going to LOVE it! So sweet of you to take their project a step further. Then they’ll have a momento forever. Just like a teacher to do this…kudos to a fellow teacher!!!

  2. What a great idea!! You could take the blocks designed by the students and put them together into a quilt for their teacher! This idea would work for the special ed students as well as the general ed students – it just takes a teacher willing to think outside the box to come up with it!!

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