RECAP: 2017 Ambitions and Dreams

I will start 2018 with the fewest works in progress/unfinished projects I have ever had since I started keeping track.  It was a good year for finishes.


1. Tile Works (top finished 1/20/2017, quilt complete 8/2/2017)

2. Howard’s Pillow (finished 1/23/2017)

3. Splendid Sampler (top finished 7/13/2017)

4. Sweet Sixteen (top finished 5/24/2017, quilt complete 8/5/2017)

5. Star Happy

6. Jeans Quilts (1,2,3,4,5 tops complete.  By October 1-2/17 1,2,3 and 4 all finished. #5 finished 11/18/2017. #6 finished 12/2/2017)

7. Academy Square

8. Baby Quilts (at least 10): (a/b. Twin Pint Size Quilts finished 2/6/2017), (c. That Baby Quilt finished 3/28/2017), (d/e. 2 Hundred Hugs quilts for teacher friends), (f. Side Step top 6/8/2017, complete 8/17/2017), (g. Lily Pad quilt and tutorial 6/15/2017), (h. Cows top 7/17/2017, complete 9/2/2017), (i. Crayons 9/4/2017), (j. Floating Stars  top), (k. Construction ), (l. Cars )


Things that sneak in along the way, because things do that…

9. Have A Jolly Little Christmas (top complete 9/29/2017)

10. Miss Jenna’s wedding quilt (finished 4/1/2017)

11. Irish Stars

12. O-Kaffe Bed Quilt (top finished 8/3/2017, quilt complete 8/13/2017)

13.  Crayola Quilt (top finished 9/14/2017, Quilt complete 10/18/2017)


A few I forgot to count, now that I look at it…

14. Temecula Quilt Company mini sampler

15. Batik Hollow

10 thoughts on “RECAP: 2017 Ambitions and Dreams

  1. Deanna, your quilts and projects this year were beautiful completions! You are very inspiring. My days are busy running around town playing with grandbabies, and now, taking care of my 94 year old daddy, and also my hubbs (luckily he can still manage on his own haha) I am going to try to make the effort to complete many projects this year. Of course, as usual with our types, the ideas are always coming in and we can’t resist to just get started.
    Thank you for all of your inspiration and encouragement

  2. That’s a lot of lovely quilts (I did like Miss Jenna’s quilt). I think it’s time to make notes for myself so that things do get finished and not sit around in baskets waiting for me to get a move on!
    You had an awesome 2017 – I wonder what you’ll get up to this year!

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