2018: The Year of “Someday” Projects

All of us have them–those ideas, fabrics, patterns, and dreams that will happen “Someday.”

It is time!

I will stop waiting for the perfect time.  Today is a great day to try something new, to learn something new, to reach and stretch and dream–not of “someday” but of TODAY.

So, as I make my Dreams and Ambitions list for 2018, it is full of projects I have been going to get around to…someday.

I declare 2018 to be SOMEDAY.

ps–The list isn’t very long, but I am really excited to see these dreams come to life.  You can see the details in my sidebar menu.

6 thoughts on “2018: The Year of “Someday” Projects

  1. You are amazing! I love your posts, yes you inspire me to make a list of finishing my projects and maybe try something new in between . I have been so busy and I do need to sit down and make my list for 2018. Beautiful quilts you have so much creativity !

  2. I know exactly what you need, so I’ll put one in the mail to you tomorrow morning on my way to school. Just for kicks & giggles, you’ll love it, as you smile lovingly upon my gift. lol Enjoy. You’ll no longer be in need with it. lol Cannot wait to hear of your reaction. Please post it. ha ha

  3. I’m declaring 2018, the year of finishes as I have several things I want to get finished. Of course, I have some other projects I want to start but I’m trying real hard to finish something first.

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