Irish Stars Update: 130 Of 361

How is your Irish Stars quilt coming?  Mine is coming.  Slowly.  It is just going to take a long time.


But, I have passed the 1/3 mark with 130 of 361 blocks complete.


Only about 1-1/2 more years and I should be finished.  At least at the rate I am going.  Everyday people think I am joking when I say something like that, but fellow quilters understand.

9 thoughts on “Irish Stars Update: 130 Of 361

  1. Good things take time. =) I am going to be way behind you! I need 31 chain blocks, and I have 12, I think. I have no stars yet.

  2. Yes, we do understand completely. You do have a serious array of beautiful blocks accomplished thus far, it will be so very gorgeous when completed, not that these blocks aren’t already. As they used to say back in the 60’s, “KEEP ON TRUCKING”. When I think about this statement, that old Peter Max poster of the goofy looking guy with the big foot & those balloon pant legs stepping out in a giant step, always flashes through my mind. lol
    But by all means, keep on trucking, you’ll get there & the journey will be well worth the effort, as it always is.
    much love & hugs for another great project. Barbara, Charlotte NC

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