16 Of 56

The Halfway quilt is also coming along.  Two large projects going at the same time can be a little discouraging because it is a long time to a finish.

Maybe I will be able to do some quilting on one of the waiting tops to make myself feel better.


In the meantime, I keep piecing.  I have used nearly all of the original half-square triangles from the scrap box.  Now I have to sort, cut, stitch and trim as I go.  That is slowing the process down, but I hope to get a few blocks a week done until near the end of February. That should get me to the “assemble” point.

I really like the way this is looking and want to see it stitched together.

16 thoughts on “16 Of 56

  1. WOW! I love your quilt! I’ve been working at trimming up my bonus HST, but it’s going to be a while before I have enough to make a quilt. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Is this your pattern? Can you share the sizes of the HST? I’m looking to use my scraps and the pile of 10” and 5” squares I’ve accumulated over the past few years…

  3. My quilting tends to result in quite a few of those trimmed off triangle corners. I do save them because I just can’t throw them out. Thanks for sharing your progress on this pretty quilt! It gives me hope that someday I can use them too!

  4. It’s beautiful, of course! Two big projects that are worth the time, though. =) Quick, make a baby quilt as a leader-ender! =)

  5. Do you have a tutorial or pattern for this quilt? Or would you share basic component sizes? I like it a lot and would like to make one. Thank you in advance.

  6. Hi, This is very pretty- I do like colors! Each big block looks like it has 3 different sizes of half square blocks in it. What are the sizes that you are using? And what is the finished size of your 16 blocks? Do you have a goal in mind for your finished size? I really enjoy seeing all of the different things that you are doing!

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