Baby Mine

I desperately needed a new project to lift my spirits.  Baby quilts are just the thing!


I call it Baby Mine.

Nine simple blocks finish as a 34-1/2″ quilt top.

And I feel much better now.


Hopefully this will help me refuel to return to the Halfway quilt and keep squaring up the HSTs.  Only about 400 to go.  No, I’m not kidding.


ps–The idea came from a picture that didn’t link to anything, but a little research showed me that it exists as a block pattern in a few different places.  If you like it, try HERE:  or HERE:

6 thoughts on “Baby Mine

  1. I totally understand the “lift your spirits” quilt. Often when the light in the tunnel is so dim it’s necessary to stray off the path for a moment or two to recharge the batteries. At least that is how I feel about projects that I invest more than 40 hours in piecing. . . please let me finish SOMETHING! Keep up the good work. You’ve got this. Those 400 will be 100 shortly.

  2. Thank you for finding a couple of versions of the pattern and for sharing your version. We all need a lift in our spirits from time to time and a baby quilt does make the world tilt better.

    Keep up the work on your Irish Chain!

  3. There’s the baby quilt, looking happy and ready to be someone’s special thing. I’m sorry you were in need of lifting, but happy that quilting could do it. We don’t really need much, do we?

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