This Used To Be My Kitchen

Saturday was the BIG DAY–tear out time!


Next steps are to cut out the flooring all the way to the joists.  You can see old mold damage (before our time) in the back corner near the pipes.  That has got to go.  Also, the walls are being taken down to re-route electrical lines and insulate the exterior walls.

For the next two weeks (at least) we are cooking in the microwave and washing up in plastic tubs filled in the bathroom.

People have done more with less.  And it will be so worth it in the end.

13 thoughts on “This Used To Be My Kitchen

  1. Been through all that myself. It’s a big hassle at the time, but so worth it after the kitchen is finished! Just hang in there!

  2. Yay, just pretend you are camping… and just eat easy food.
    I will pray for all of you. Just hoping there are no big bumps in the path to restoration.

  3. Oh, I remember when we gutted our kitchen too! The fridge was in the living room, and I washed dishes in the new bathroom sink. That turned out to be a mistake when a dish slipped from my hand and dropped just an inch into the sink. It cracked the sink. Filled tubs are a wise idea! Hope it goes smoothly and quickly for you!

  4. It is so worth it. I love starting with a blank slate and dealing with the issues you never see. I find it exciting. Your new kitchen will be such a pleasant and comfy place.

  5. Toaster ovens/hot plates are so nice too for a mini kitchenette! Love the corner windows too, keeping them or changing? So fun designing a new kitchen to how YOU want it!

  6. How exciting! It will be well worth the current inconveniences once you’re done. I learned to love my toaster oven and my crockpot, and My Cowboy did a lot of grilling outdoors!

  7. Oh how I know what you are going through. We have a water leak under our home, and they have to go through our wooden floors , it is a lot of work. And this will take awhile to do. However I will be able to pick out new stuff yeah ! Good Luck!

  8. Oh, yuck. LOL What a mess. I hope it really is 2 weeks. A sun oven would be good … if you have any sun to heat it.

  9. I have been through that too but the end result was well worth the inconvenience.
    People asked how did you wash dishes I replied that we had three sources of water in the bathroom we picked one of them ……….

  10. absolutely! It is always a giant undertaking – but it is well worth the short inconvenience. You will conquer!

  11. Oh that brings back memories! Doing dishes in the bathtub really made me appreciate a dishwasher again! Dinners in the micro, altho I recall doing a lot of crock pot cooking. My husband and I were doing the rip out, replace ourselves and it was fun. At least we are both still alive, but divorced. LOL! Can’t wait to see your new room!

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