Kitchen Update


The kitchen renovation is coming along.  Last Saturday we tore out the last of the cabinets–sink, stove and all.


During this week we have worked towards being able to replace them.  Saturday night ended with the floor prepared for tile and the insulation hung.

In between we encountered some of the unexpected things one expects during a renovation, including some really ugly wiring that probably should have burned our house down.  And didn’t.

Next is drywall and tile.

Cabinets come next Saturday. Ready or not.

4 thoughts on “Kitchen Update

  1. It looks so different empty. You’ll be so good at this when you finish. Want to come do mine? LOL I definitely have ugly wiring in the living room, even if I don’t see it. One by one, the plugs are burning out!

  2. Oh boy, this brings back memories. Our kids were young when we renovated our kitchen. We had most of the kitchen in our living room (fridge, table, etc.). The kids thought it was great fun. Me, not so much. Hope it all goes smoothly for you! You’ll enjoy the end result!

  3. Several of us would probably shudder if we knew what lurks behind the drywall! It is coming along nicely. Are those paint choices you are trying out? And looking down that wall, did you cut out a door? I love remodels!

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