Irish Stars Update: 181 of 361

Records indicate that I started my Irish Stars quilt about June 1, 2017.


In just under a year there are 181 blocks complete of 361 total needed to make a queen size quilt out of 1-1/2″ base squares.


My goal is to finish the second half in the next year and have the entire quilt complete before I turn 52–October 2019.  Realistic?

9 thoughts on “Irish Stars Update: 181 of 361

  1. Definitely – it could become your main project and start another leader and ender just for the last few parts. I took fabric to make stars on retreat – I think I have about 6! Still odds and ends for the squares which aren’t in blocks just yet. All packed away ready to move house at the moment. No sewing at all for a little while – eek!

    I do like your green star block!

  2. Based on experience, realistic! I have 19 stars to go – but mine are 2.5″ base squares. I’m almost 20 years older than you, so I have to quilt faster. LOL

  3. Wowsa! I am eager to see your finished quilt. I’d love to do this pattern, but I don’t often work with pieces that small. In fact, I maybe never have. Waiting to see how yours comes out before I jump in! 😉😀

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