Scrap Batting

My batting scraps were completely out of hand.  So, I sorted them into piles by type.  Whoa!  That is quite a few piles.


About 2 hours later I had quilt batts created and set aside for 6 quilts waiting to be quilted.  (There are really 8 waiting, but the other two are so large they need specific batting purchased.)


And quilt batts made and stored for 6 more quilts–two throws and 4 baby quilts.

A single grocery sack-full is left of very small scraps that will go the school art department for the students to imagine with.

Not much stitching today, but I still feel very successful.

If you want information on turning your scraps into usable batts, you might want to check out a few tutorials like these:


6 thoughts on “Scrap Batting

  1. I do a lot of “scrap batting” joining! I use the Pellon tape, but only make one “unit” for use at a time. Very clever of you to prep them all at once! Small bits could go in an old pillowcase for animal beds for local SPCA/Shelter.

  2. Maybe when I catch up with myself I can sit down and do the same with the overflowing tub of pieces of batting. Generally I just dig through until I find enough like batting for a project I’ve just finished. I have always stitched them together, forgetting I have the iron on tape until after I am done!

  3. Love the “Frankenbatting” too. I’ve tried both ways and sometimes the heat and bond doesn’t bond enough – and then depending on the batting, if you have the iron too hot it will melt the batting, although the heat and bond is well and truly fixed. I prefer the zigzag stitching because it seems so much quicker that way. I’ve only used that method for neonatal quilts, not done anything on a larger scale – yet!

  4. Way to go!! Waste not want not, right? I never understand quilters who throw away their batting scraps. A little time behind the sewing machine, and Presto! You have a new Quilt bat:)! Thanks for sharing the idea👍🏻❤️

  5. Look at all the money you saved by stitching those pieces together! Love using this idea. Thanks for the links, I’m going to check them out, never know what an old dog like me can learn.

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