Potential Projects

Sorting all that scrap had a side effect–unearthing potential projects.  Potential projects are groups of fabric that “play well” together.  I have set them aside over time with the intent of getting to them “someday.”


Well, as some of you know, this is the year of SOMEDAY and those projects are not going to just keep sitting there.

Why should they?  They are appealing and even partially started (isn’t choosing fabric often the most time-consuming part?).

OK–there are quite a few of them–right at 30.  It will take a while, but I am getting started right away.  I set aside the first bag and will share a little project with you tomorrow.  Do you have a small stack of cute scraps set aside for someday?  Maybe tomorrow will be someday.  Have them ready in case inspiration strikes!

3 thoughts on “Potential Projects

  1. No, I’m not that organized! I have big boxes of scraps that I scrounge through when I have a project, and there are plenty of projects!

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