Small Someday #2: Finding The Right Project

People have asked, “How do you decide what to do with scraps?”  I am going to document this project and hopefully give some insight on that question.

NOTE:  All the “Hmm…” is a place where you stop and think.  Really.  It happens a lot in this process.

  1. Gather your scraps–DONE!
  2. Find the right project.  Consider the following:
    • Do you have an occasion coming up?  A technique you have wanted to try?  A gift in mind?  Those can be good inspiration.  Hmm…
    • What shape/size are the scraps.  Strings?  Chunks?   Irregular?  This matters a lot when deciding on a use or purpose.  This pile had some chunks and some longer strips, but no really large pieces.  Hmm…
    • How much fabric are you willing/able to add to the existing pile?  Background?  Additional fabrics?  Hmm…
  3. OK–I know I want to make a small quilt/baby quilt/wall hanging/table topper sort of thing.  You might have just the pattern in mind.  Or, if you are like me, you have a general idea and want to add an individual touch.  I enjoy the design process, so that is the route I usually take. Here is my starting point…DSC01127

Come back in a day or two to see how I start cutting, pulling precut pieces and adding fabrics.  This will be a quilt yet!

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