Heritage Stars Quilt Top

This is my worst picture in a long time, but it is what it is and I don’t have the desire to do it again right now.IMG_3449

The Heritage Stars quilt is a top.  74″ square.

Hopefully will get it quilted in the next week or so.

Opinions wanted:  black binding?  or gold?

27 thoughts on “Heritage Stars Quilt Top

  1. I’d go with gold. It’s so beautiful. Where can I get this pattern? Love all the different size stars. Blessings

  2. While gold would pull all the gold out of the center of the quilt, it could also make it take over. I’d use black, BUT it isn’t going to be ugly no matter which color you use! You could do two sides in black and two in gold. =)

  3. (I must not have a very critical eye for photographs; I don’t see anything wrong with the picture!)
    BLACK gets my vote!!!!

  4. Beautiful quilt top. I’d go with black, unless your back is going to have gold in it and not black. I really like to make my binding work well with both top and back.

  5. Why not a black binding with a (fake) gold flange? There are plenty of tutorials on how to do these online!

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