Small Someday #3: College Gear

I had these batik scraps.  And, they “happened” (If you believe in such things) to be for the college Sparkle Jane is attending this fall.

Time to make something.

In this case, two somethings.

Just a tissue holder (tutorial HERE) and a little clutch purse (tutorial HERE).

Neither of them was difficult, and the tissue holder took just a few minutes.  I think they would make cute gifts for any friend, but especially for quilting friends.


3 thoughts on “Small Someday #3: College Gear

  1. How adorable, and that’s a good choice for starting, less expensive, a little smaller, and definitely a good school! And purple, who can complain about that? =) The years have flown by since I first met her!

  2. Great ideas, but wait….I’ve missed a few years. How can she be old enough to go to college this fall?

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