Heritage Stars FINISHED!

It was years in the planning, and quite a while in the making, but it is finally done.IMG_3480

It is based on the Heritage Stars pattern from McCall’s quilting 2012.IMG_3485

The color scheme rotates around the back, Husband’s home state favorite college football team.IMG_3486

And, the pillows match.IMG_3482

He was stunned.  In 20 years I have never made a quilt just for him.  I tried to include a few novelty fabrics here and there that have meaning in his life, like fish.IMG_3476

Overall, it is a success.  And Husband, that patient and long-suffering man, finally has a quilt of his own.

11 thoughts on “Heritage Stars FINISHED!

  1. Looks perfect……EXCEPT!!!!! for the color!!!!! Living in the BIG ORANGE COUNTRY, I could been offended!!!!! Ha, ha, ha!
    (Maybe your next quilt could be for University of Tennessee!!!)

  2. Lovely ensemble! Happy husband. Those fish bones are great!

    Doing an Eleanor Burns All Stars quilt for my husband as he is the last one to get a quilt – started with the feathered star but will have to unpick as I made a mistake on the end of the star points – doh! But like you – the fabric consists of things he likes. We like walking a lot and the fabric has otters and kingfishers, birds – all sorts (Lewis and Irene) – to remind him of things we’ve seen. Sadly not exactly scrappy – but I’ll have enough for some great scraps later!

  3. Envy all your finishes! I still have time to get a few off my 2018 list once the GS Camp is over and I get all the financials done for council. That is truly a beautiful quilt and easy to understand your husband’s delight with his own quilt. If I had to pick a color combo I think would work with most patterns and be beautiful, it is red, grey, black and white and a touch of light cream is a soft surprise.

  4. This is a very nice quilt! Thank you for all your inspiration in Quilting and also in spreading the good news of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior! May the Lord continue to bless you and your family. Your quilting friend, Molly Alaria.

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  5. And there is the perfect case of ‘some things are worth waiting for’! It’s wonderful and a labor of love that I’m certain, became an instant treasure!

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