Seeing Stars Quiltalong: Three BIG Blocks

The first blocks of the Seeing Stars quilt-along came out this week:  24″ Double Star Block.  DSC01187

People will sometimes comment that they are surprised I can work with such small pieces.  Actually, the challenge this week was working with such LARGE pieces.  It has been a long time.  When working across long seams and big pieces things like direction of grain and  pinning become much more important.

Also, my thanks to Melissa for a great tip this week.  Check out her post and see how she pins pieces to help her flying geese be more precise.  It really makes a difference.

I am happy with the results so far and can hardly wait until Wednesday and the next challenge.

7 thoughts on “Seeing Stars Quiltalong: Three BIG Blocks

  1. You did very well with your stars. When I tried that block years ago I had trouble with my points. Still I made 3 wall hangings in patriotic colors and embroidered a patriotic design in the center square. My daughters and I are still enjoying them and now that I have a little bit more experience I can probably get better results. I’m so glad i joined your blog. It is exactly what I was looking for this week.
    Norma in Florida

  2. Very nice! Love the Happy Quilting qal’s, not sure I have time this year., maybe I’ll try one of each and go from there. My accuracy is much better with small blocks than large blocks!

  3. Beautiful BIG stars! (I would expect no less from YOU!) OK, now how do I go about checking out “Melissa?”

  4. Your stars are so pretty!!! Way to get them all sewn up. And yes indeed, sometimes big means you have to be just as precise as you do with tiny 😉 Your blocks look fantastic!! So glad to you have you quilting along 😉

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