Final Countdown: Task THREE

It is that most wonderful time of the year: The Final Countdown with Prairie Moon Quilts.

Shelley encourages readers to complete a task a day to get the old year finished right and give a good start to the new. Task three is: PERFORM A PROJECT ASSESSMENT.

This one makes me really happy!  For the last several years I have made a Ambitions and Dreams list for the year.  It is posted on my right sidebar and serves as a regular reminder of my goals.

So, here it is:  Ambitions and Dreams for 2019

  1. Irish Stars Quilt (243/361 done at end of 2018.  Will this be the year?)
  2. Charity Quilt #1
  3. Charity Quilt #2/3
  4. Max Quilt
  5. Rock Quilt
  6. House Quilt
  7. String Quilt of some kind
  8. Pendleton Quilt
  9. Threadology Quiltalong
  10. Vintage Squares
  11. And, because more tend to get added…

Quilts to quilt

  1. Three Wishes
  2. Roundabout Baby
  3. and…

3 thoughts on “Final Countdown: Task THREE

  1. Happy New Year!

    I plan to finalize my list in the next day or so. Thanks for the inspiration and best wishes on accomplishing your list.

  2. Looks great! I’m making my lists and checking them twice, but something will be left out, no doubt! Best wishes on yours.

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