2018 Spool Count

My annual spool count for 2018:  23

It doesn’t seem like very many, but they were mostly full spools, some of them quite old.

They will again go to our school art teacher. Spools are valuable in stamping, sculpture and other artistic expressions. She and the students never seem to tire of them.

2017: 36

2016: 40

2015: 103

2015 was so large for two reasons–Sparkle Jane and I made 52 baby quilts that year (see tab above) and quilted them on our home machine, and we used lots of bits and pieces of thread up in the process. I never expect to empty that many in a year again.

5 thoughts on “2018 Spool Count

  1. This is so cool, and fabulous that the Art Department can use them for something. I love the idea of using up the bits and pieces of nearly empty spools of thread, too. I need to do that myself. Happy Wednesday! ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. I used up 47 this year, but many of them were partial spools. I made it a point to pick the ones that were closer to being empty when I needed a certain color. I did use up a few of the large spools for the long arm. Between the embroidery, long arm and DSM, I used 207 Bobbins. I always find it interesting to track these types of things. Have Sew Special 2019

  3. I never thought to keep track of the number of spools I use. I tend to use partial spools to fill bobbins. A very good friend suggested I keep a supply filled 😁,
    Congratulations on a productive year!!

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