Accounting for 2018

After tracking my sewing/quilting expenses in 2017, I decided to do it again this year. The purpose wasn’t to spend more or less, but, rather, simply to know what I spent, and on what things.

This year I completed 23 quilts.
Total amount spent: $1437.02.

Quilting (including batting) was again the largest expense, about 60% of the total.

I spent more on fabric this year, but used more than I bought.

What am I spending per quilt?

I totaled up all the inches of quilts completed for the year (NOT including tops waiting to be quilted–those will be part of 2019). The items completed totaled 73,836 square inches. If I call one square yard (an average baby quilt–or 1296 square inches) a “quilt unit”, that means I completed approximately 56.93 “units.”
SO, the average cost per “unit” is $25.22.

While my completed units went down from last year, the cost per unit did also.  Mostly because I did more of my own quilting, did not need to pay for another longarm class and used more fabric than I bought.

Maybe this all seems a little silly, but I wanted to know. And now you know, too.

Happy New Year!

ps–Just for reference, in 2017 I spent $1805.64 on 30 quilts, a total of 64.37 quilting units at $28.05/unit.

6 thoughts on “Accounting for 2018

  1. Figuring you quilt cost was really eye-opening! Do/can you include these figures in your taxes for doing/giving charity quilts, I wonder? I only quilt for family & friends, and I often feel that they don’t realize the physical cost, never mind the hours I spend on the process. New reason to shop in my stash!

  2. I’m surprised that the cost went down. With the cost of fabric going up, I would have expected a higher cost /unit. Interesting accounting. I did store all my receipts for 2018, but I’ve not evaluated them. I used more than I bought by 300 yards, so I’m not too concerned. I am finding I have fewer large pieces of yardage. Making a back from stash requires piecing (I don’t like piecing backs), so much of my expense was for wide backs in 2018. In looking at how much I used this year and not seeing a dent in my stash, I have so much tied up in fabric already that I am really working to use that more often than not.

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